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Further training to become a competence coach

GENETY is the training centre for becoming a cultural competence coach. We offer training courses in Hamburg several times a year, but can also come to you in your workplace and train you there.

This training addresses schools, teachers, cultural schools, cultural educators, sport, theatre, games and dance instructors, creative artists and their institutions, and artists wishing to effectively foster children and young people in their cultural education.

The training consists of three modules, of which two build a weekend block and one takes the form of a practical exercise in your workplace. If desired however, we can also organise an adequate project for you.


1) Basic module (weekend block about 16 hours)

Drafting the basic elements of the Cultural Competence Certificate:
Project requirement profiles, development of observation criteria and forms, basics of dialogue procedure, basics of certification procedure.


2) Practical module (about 60 hours)

Implementation of the basic elements in a project of your choice, e.g. in your own workplace.


3) Final module (weekend block, about 10 hours)

Sharing experiences, reports from the practical work, procedure assessment, formulation and writing workshop, final report.

In our function as service centre for the Cultural Competence Certificate we also offer further services in connection with the Cultural Competence Certificate and would be happy to answer any questions. Please contact us!

Petra Wollny
0173 860 3 960