Executive Board


Petra Wollny

Tutor in the field of family and adult education, university degree in art history, photographer, advisor in social organisations and schools, authorized coach for the Culture Competence Certificate (KNK) nationally and internationally, NLP trainer and NLP learning coach.

My extensive experience has shown me that children should be encouraged and challenged to learn exclusively through experience and that really this is the only way learning has a lasting effect. The last Hattie Study indicates:

  • Self-education and the development of potential will be the most important concepts of the 21st century.

These two factors inspire my work to improve the future prospects of all children in Hamburg and I am more than willing to act thereby in accordance with Gerald Hüther’s demand:

The goal of education can only be to support children in such a way that the self-evident occurs:

The development of manifold skills!


Aurelia Weber-Krohse

Graphics designer, full-time teacher, founder of the “Glückskinder-Werkstatt für Fantasie” - www.glückskinder-hamburg.de

I devote myself to Genety’s cultural education projects because I care very much that those young people in difficult and/or disadvantaged situations are offered new perspectives and personal development opportunities. At Genety we focus on a person’s individual strengths and support him/her in expanding these. What continually motivates me is seeing how this unleashes in these young people renewed energy, and increased self-confidence and orientation!