Our ‘angels’

GENETY e.V. sees itself as a network project. In order to unite all kinds of people in a common cause, we have to create synergies and make our goals attainable.

To carry out our work successfully we are dependent on every possible kind of support. Whether you make material donations, work for us, grant us discounts, finance a whole project or help us in any other way, you can be sure that your support will benefit the children and young people in the GENETY projects.

You’d like to be a GENETY ‘angel’?

Then please send an Email to info@genety.de. We’d love to hear from you!


Alois Regel

Dance instructor, choreographer

For me dance is a good way to foster social skills. In our joint dance project work the school children experience for themselves how the barriers of religion or nationality disappear. And a strong team emerges.


Anja Walter

Communications Designer, Student at the Hamburg School of Music, study course “Expressive Arts in Social Transformation”


It really inspires me to see what artistic work can achieve: it makes your own strengths and resources visible, opens up creative spaces and clears the way for change and progress. That’s why I support GENETY.


Christoph Tappé

Photographer - www.christophtappe.de

I like people, I love photography and I enjoy sharing my know-how with others.
As a father of two children aged 14 and 17 yrs, working with young people is especially close to my heart. That’s why I support GENETY.


Dirk Uhlenbrock

Photographer - www.Uhlenbrock.photo

The project work with the young people perfectly complements my commercial work. It gives me so much pleasure to see the school children’s experiences and developments during the project.

Angelika Hornheim

Commercial Assistant, Trainee

GENETY shows children with a less than optimal start in life where their talents lie, thus strengthening their self-confidence. I work for GENETY e.V. because I think that all children deserve such a chance.


Michael Reffi

Composer, Songwriter, Sound Designer, Theatre Musician - www.michaelreffi.de

I am continually surprised at how much potential lies hidden within the children and young people taking part in the GENETY projects. It’s like searching for gold: Dirty, exhausting, stressful, but suddenly you find a piece of gold and everything else is forgotten.

Pessi Schmitt

Editor, Copywriter


By working with GENETY I want to help children and young people recognize their strengths earlier and use them in their future lives.

Silvana Uibel

B.Sc. Psychologie, KNK - Berater

Genety ist ein Baustein für das Haus einer besseren Gesellschaft. Ich möchte das Gebäude mitgestalten.

Wenqian Zhang

B. A. Pädagogik, Assistenzin

Ich komme aus China. Bei GENETY habe ich als eine Assistentin viele Sachen gelernt. Ich habe auch meine Stärke gefunden und auch meine Kompetenzen entwickelt.


A. Freund


I support Genety so that children and young people can continue to be helped by various projects to recognize and expand their own capabilities.


Britta Röbig


I support GENETY because their projects give disadvantaged children and young people with learning difficulties the opportunity to further develop themselves and provides them with a competence certificate to help them take the first step into the future.


Claudia Hinsch


Apart from my full-time job, I wanted to do volunteer work where help on the administration side was needed.

Ina Friedrich

Graphics designer - www.ina-friedrich.de

Petra Wollny’s GENETY is really unique and does wonderful work. You just have to support it. I’m so happy to be able to help so creatively.


Kristin Strauß

Dance instructor, dancer, choreographer - www.scheinwerfer-dancecenter.com

I love working for GENETY because they anchor their projects exactly where they are particularly important. These projects give children and young people from under-priveleged homes the opportunity to discover and express their often quite extraordinary creative potential.


Olivia von Bülow

Photographer - www.oliviavonbuelow.de

Working for GENETY gives me the opportunity to combine my career as a photographer with my enjoyment of working with children and young people. My additional training as competence-coach has enabled me to support and encourage the children during the process of discovering their own hidden talents and making them visible. Being able to watch the children’s positive development during the course of the project and seeing their radiant faces when they finally hold their certificate in their hand is unparalleled.

Lisa Duty

M. A. Kulturpoetik, Redakteurin, KNK-Beraterin

Kultur ist bunt. Kultur ist wild. Kultur macht Spaß! Junge Menschen dabei zu begleiten, wie sie ihre individuellen Stärken entdecken, ist ein unglaublich spannender Prozess. GENETY-Projekte wecken mit kreativen Ideen schlummernde Energien und Talente. So eröffnen sich auch mir als Kompetenz-Coach immer wieder neue Erfahrungsräume.

Anna Yousefi

B. A. Mehrsprachige Kommunikation, KNK - Berater

Egal welchen kulturellen oder sozialen Hintergrund man hat, egal wie alt man ist – bei Genety ist jeder willkommen und wird jeder gleich behandelt!