Dance Flash Mob “Humans + Elements”

How do you dance Water, Earth, Fire and Air?
70 pupils from the 7th to 9th grades took up this challenge and worked out a choreography around the four elements. You can judge for yourself how many new talents the young people discovered they had after their final public performance:

During these two days I showed team spirit during the many preparations we worked on in teams. Our various performances showed our decision-making abilities and creativity. Our team proved its commitment and also its ability to put on a really good performance. (Ahmed, M8, 8th grade)

I proved my learning ability by learning so many new things in only 2 days. (Ilona, M5)

I can persevere. I took on responsibility and motivated others. (Albina, M8)

Partner is IN VIA e.V. The project was sponsored by Chance tanz, Federal Union of tanzinschulen from the general funding Program “Culture makes You Strong. Partners in Education” of the BMBF.