EXPEDITION CUL-TOUR Photography – Learning by Doing! II/2015

“Who am I?, What am I capable of?, What is my goal?” Three questions which the pupils of the 4th and 6th grades were able to answer during a photo-shooting they organized themselves. Equipped with a camera and a large portion of motivation and creativity, all 23 children brought amazing results onto film – one of many reasons to be proud of themselves.

I proved I am able to work in a team when we were photographing each other because I did my best to take a good photo of the other person. (Zeynep)

During the competency exercises I helped the others find ideas. I was helpful and creative. It was a lot of fun. (Helin)

Partner in this project is IN VIA e.V. It was sponsored by the “Culture makes You Strong” program of the BMBF.