Expedition CUL-TOUR. Photography – Learning by Doing! III/2015

The pupils of the District School Wilhelmsburg gave some very personal answers to the questions “Who am I?, What am I capable of?, What is my goal?” at the photo exhibition they organized themselves in October. Before this, and with a great deal of commitment and creativity, they had ventured onto new ground and, under the direction of experienced photographers, had learnt how to take photos with professional equipment. The result was expressive pictures from which the pupils could select those photos they wished to further process.

I was self-confident so I just dared to make faces. (Sevval)

In this project I showed that I am open, helpful and creative. (Merve)

When photographing I showed my motivation. I spoke positively to my model and got her to laugh so that she made a positive impression on the photo. (Cihad)


The project is sponsored by the “Culture makes Strong” program of the BMBF.