Expedition CUL-TOUR. Photography – Learning by Doing! IV/2015

Imagine working with professional photographic equipment in a real photo studio, acting as both photographer and model at the same time: The 9th-grade pupils of the Nelson Mandela School in Kirchdorf were excited to be part of this project week in November under the motto “Who am I?, What am I capable of? What is my goal?” They proved that they were well able to handle unfamiliar assignments and proudly presented their very own personal portraits in a final exhibition.g.

We can do it!

I liked being able to move around freely during the project and I’m very proud of my portrait. (Taceddin)

I’m especially proud of my photo collage. Most effort went into the processing of the pictures (Burkan)

This project is sponsored by the “Culture makes you Strong” program of the BMBF.